Helpful Explainer Video in Whiteboard Style [BEST VALUE]

Explainer Video - produced by stadtshow


Give people entertaining and helpful information and they will love your company!

Whiteboard videos are exactly that way!

What is an Explainer Video?

As the name implies, an explanation video describes a more or less complicated fact, a product or a company. Characteristic for an explanation video is the whiteboard style. Drawings are used to explain the subject as simply and clearly as possible. Examples of explanation video productions of city shows can be found below.

An Explainer Video consists of the following elements:

Use of Explainer videos

  • company presentation
  • Product Presentation
  • Explanation of work processes
  • Information on specific topics

Whiteboad Explainer Video

Here is a real example of a whiteboard video we produced for a german and english webshop called



It’s really easy!

1. Tell a story

2. Show a person

3. Understand the problem of this person

4. Show a solution

5. Give a call to action

That’s it. It works perfect and better than any other type of video.

Stadtshow Videoproduction Company reaches your goals with explainer videos within your budget.

So we can guarantee the BEST VALUE you can get from a explainer video company!

Guarantee: Name the price for your explainer video!

What would you pay for a video like this above?

Be sure that there a lot video production companies who charge for explainer videos like this several thousands of euro.

A random explainer video copmpany needs…

  • a writer to create the script
  • an artist or video editor for the basic production
  • a voice over artist to speak your text
  • paying for rights to use commercial music
  • cover sales and marketing costs


several thousand of euro / dollar / pound / your currency

Why our production has the best Value!

You only need one person to get the job done!

Our Video-Creator Armin Bichler is

  • a journalist and marketing expert who knows how to write stories
  • a video editor who produced thousands of videos for TV-Stations and companies
  • a voice over artist with a deep and apealing voice
  • owner of a huge library of free to use music
  • expert in SEO to have no marketing costs and sale effort


not even one thousand euro / dollar / pound / your currency!

Your Individual Explainer Video

You can choose what you want! We draw your Whiteboard Video the way you want.

Alternative: We use pre-defined graphics out of our archive with millions of images and arrange them in the way you can see in the video.

Would you mind that this video isn’t drawn individually? I bet you wouldn’t think about.

So why wasting money in hiring a worldclass artist if you could save a fortune?

Click the link above to talk about our next video production for your company!

Here are another explainer videos we produced in this whiteboard animation style for our customers:

Explainer Video for Anifit – Food for Animals (Barfing)

Wie wird gefriergetrocknetes Hundefutter und Katzenfutter hergestellt?

Explainer Video for EBook

BLACKJACK EBook "Blackjack Winner" - Einfacher und schneller Einstieg in diesem Anfänger-Guide

Animation, Creation, Music, Voice Over – DONE!

We use our animation software to design the content of the video based on the concept. For this purpose, a separate graphic is created for each sentence, which is then drawn with one hand in the video. In addition there are animated effects for the transitions from one scene to the next. In total, a 60-second explanation video contains about 10 different scenes.

A suitable gema-free background music is then selected and inserted. Last but not least, a voice-over speaker sets the script to music and synchronizes it with the video.

The explanation video production usually lasts two to three weeks. In urgent cases we can also produce an explanation video in one week.

Explanation video costs

With most explanation video agencies the costs for an explanation video amount to usually more than 1000 euro. Stadtshow offers high-quality explanation videos already starting from 499 euro!

This includes a 60-second animated explanation video in whiteboard drawing style including gema-free music, if you provide us with a finished concept / script.

Beyond that we offer some favorable auxiliary achievements such as concept production and Voice over speakers against surcharge.

Additional services (prices depending on expenditure)

  • Translation into any language
  • Voice-over in another language than German by Native-Speaker
  • more than 60 seconds length
  • Express delivery in one week
  • Online marketing package with advertising on Google and Facebook

marketing package for your explanation video

  • Keyword research (what is searched for how often)
  • Publishing the video on various video portals
  • Creating of appelling youtube description, title and thumbnail
  • free distribution of the video on social networks
  • Placement of optimized ads on Google
  • Facebook advertising in specific target group